Terms and conditions

Article 1 - Definitions
1.1. For each contract to which these general conditions are declared applicable, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings stated.
1.1.1 PEGO-International: Reseller of Telecom related products is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven, number 75057166, address: Wielstraat 2, 5664 HP Geldrop The Netherlands;
1.1.2 Customer: A natural or legal person who enters into an agreement with InternationalSIM for delivering a Product for mobile telecommunication Services supplied by the customer's chosen Provider;
1.1.3 eSIM: An eSIM is an electronic SIM card. As the name suggests, it will replace the physical, plastic SIM card all current smartphones use with a virtual embedded equivalent that cannot be removed
1.1.4 Plans: Plan that a Customer can buy to top up the device to use the Internet.
1.1.5 Products: Goods of mobile telecommunication Providers offered via the PEGO-International website;
1.1.6 Service: Mobile telecommunication with respect to the direct transmission of voice and data to and from users of mobile terminals on the mobile network termination points, or any other telephone network, supplied by the Provider;
1.1.7 Network: The network for wireless telephony, which Providers use for delivering their Services;
1.1.8 Provider: Provider of mobile telecommunication Services;
1.1.9 Additional or special conditions: Conditions for a specific service or limited-time offer applicable in addition to these general conditions.

Article 2 – Applicability Terms & Conditions
2.1 These terms and conditions apply to:
- all PEGO-International offers
- all orders that are made via the website, telephone and email.
- placing an order with PEGO-International shall mean that you accept these conditions.
2.2 Special offer(s) may apply additional or special conditions. In case of conflict between the terms and conditions and the additional or special conditions, the additional or special conditions shall prevail.
2.3 Applicability of possible purchase or other (general) conditions of a customer is explicitly excluded.
2.4 PEGO-International is entitled to change the contents of this agreement, at any time without further notice.
2.5 The Customer can download the latest version of the applicable terms and conditions on the website.
2.6 With regard to the use of e-SIM and Plans by the Customer the general conditions, additional and/or special conditions laid down by the Providers do apply.

Article 3 - Agreement
3.1 The customer is always bound by the Agreement. PEGO-International reserves the right to reject orders without giving any reason, or to deliver under restricted conditions;
3.2 If the order can be delivered under restricted conditions only, the customer has the right to cancel the order without charge;
3.3 By using the eSIM and Plans the Customer establishes an agreement with the Provider. The agreement with the customer's chosen Provider, will be established at the time the customer makes the payment. From that moment the PEGO-International General Terms and Conditions apply.
3.4 The Customer shall give PEGO-International correct and current personal details, including name and current address. The Customer is obliged to nottify PEGO-International of any changes to personal details without delay via our website or by email.

Article 4 - Delivery
4.1 Products ordered before 12.00 PM CET on business days, will be offered for shipment the same day at DHL, Fedex, PostNL, TNT or Deutsche Post. Products ordered after 12.00 PM CET will be offered for shipment at DHL, Fedex, PostNL, TNT or Deutsche Post on the next business day.
4.2 R PEGO-International is not liable for delivery times by DHL, Fedex, PostNL, TNT or Deutsche Post. From any cause whatsoever, exceeding indicated delivery times never entitles the Customer of any compensation.

Article 5 - Payment
5.1 Payment can only be made by means of Prepaid.
5.2 Products will be delivered after payment has been confirmed.

Article 6 - eSIM and Plans
6.1 eSIM and Plans are for personal and regular use only. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions the Customer agrees that the Products and Services will be used only in compliance with the Agreement and any user guide(s) governing your use of the Products and/or Services, and will remain solely responsible for the manner in which these are used. The customer will comply with the terms of any legislation or any licence applicable to the Customer, to PEGO-International, including all relevant codes of practice as may be issued by the Government, a regulator or other competent authority. Reasonable grounds of suspicion of fraudulent or unlawful activity by the Customer, shall be considered a material breach of the Agreement. In this case Pego-International has the right to block the Services.
6.2 The Customer is obliged to inform PEGO-International if the eSIM card is lost or stolen. The Customer remains responsible for all charges incurred whether or not they are incurred by the Customer personally except those incurred after the Customer has notified PEGO-International of the loss or theft of the eSIM

Article 7 - Quality Mobile Telecommunication Services
7.1 The mobile telecommunications Services operate through transmission of radio signals, so the quality of the connections are not everywhere and always guaranteed. This is due to used mobile devices, the radio network coverage and atmospheric conditions.

Article 8 - Tariffs/Rates
8.1 All prices and tariffs for the use of the Services are determined by PEGO-International. PEGO-International can change tariffs and conditions at its sole discretion without noticing the Customer.
8.2 PEGO-International is not liable for any deviations from price changes.
8.3 PEGO-International aims to indicate correct and up to date prices on it’s website, however all prices and information on the website are subject to errors and changes.
8.4 PEGO-International is not liable for exchange rate differences or errors when converting tariffs mentioned to Euro.
8.6 Unless otherwise stated or agreed on in written, the prices stated on the website of Pego-International for the Products and Services shall be in Euros, including VAT and excluding postage.

Article 9 - Returning
9.1 For 14 working days after receipt of the Product, the Customer has the right to terminate the purchase without reason given.
9.2 An exception to Article 9.1 is a loaded Plan. Since this is a service used for the upgrade of data service, it is not possible to return them.
9.3 Returns can be sent to the return address of PEGO-International. This should be done in the original sealed and undamaged packaging. Opened packages are not reversed. Opening the package means that the Product(s) are to be maintained.
9.4 PEGO-International reserves the right to refuse returned products where it is suspected that the Product has been opened, used or is damaged by the fault of the Customer.
9.5 PEGO-International will return the paid amount to the Customer within fourteen days of receipt of the returned Product. The purchase price, excluding shipping costs, will be reimbursed to the Customer to the bank account used for the purchase.
9.6 PEGO-International reserves the right to refuse returned products where it is suspected that the Product has been opened, used or is damaged by the fault of the Customer.
9.7 If a Product is returned and in the opinion of PEGO-International, it is damaged by an act or omission by the customer or otherwise due to the risk of the Customer, PEGO-International will notify the Customer in writing (via letter or e-mail).

Article 10 - Liability
10.1. PEGO-International is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damage caused by failure or malfunction of the eSIM, Network, Service, or by failing in the delivery of Services and/or additional services.
10.2 PEGO-International is not liable for damage resulting from injudicious or improper use of the Product by the Customer.
10.3 PEGO-International shall not be liable for any claims arising from Products which have been lost, stolen, fraudulently used, or used for any unlawful purpose.
10.4 In no event shall PEGO-International be liable for tort, negligence or otherwisefor:
(a) direct or indirect loss of profits; or
(b) any indirect or consequential loss or damage,
arising from the relationship from this Agreement.
10.4 PEGO-International’s liability for direct or indirect damage is limited in each case to an amount, equal to the purchase price of the Product.

Article 11 - Complain
11.1 Upon delivery, the Customer is obliged to inspect the Product(s) within 7 days after receipt to determine whether or not they comply with the agreement. If it is demonstrated that the Product(s) do not comply with the agreement, the Customer should immediately contact PEGO-International. R PEGO-International aims to solve a problem or complain in accordance with the Customer.

Article 12 - Force Majeure
12.1 As a result of force majeure, PEGO-International has the right to terminate the agreement by notifying this to the Customer in written, compliance with those obligations will be suspended for the duration of the force majeure.
12.2 In the event of Force Majeure, the Customer has no right to any (compensation) payment.
12.3 PEGO-International will notify the Customer as soon as possible related to a (imminent) Force Majeure.

Article 13 - Privacy
13.1 PEGO-International respects the privacy of the Customer and any data will be processed in accordance with its privacy policy.

Article 14 - Information We Collect - In operating our website we may collect and process the following data about you
14.1 Details of your visits to our website and the resources that you access, including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.
Information that you provide by filling in forms on our website, such as when you registered for information or make a purchase. (Please note that we have the ability to retain your contact details should you input them on our website using VeCapture by Ve Interactive, even if you do not complete your registration/transaction/quote by clicking submit. Such contact details may be used to contact you to assist with your registration/transaction).

Article 15 - Intellectual Property Rights
15.1 Unless stated otherwise, all of the rights of the website and its contents rest with Pego-International, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
15.2 Visitors are allowed to make copies of it for their own use, for instance by printing or storing.
15.3 Use of the website including storing or reproducing (a part of) the website or the content in another internet page is not allowed without the prior written permission of Pego-International.

Article 16- Applicable Law and Court
16.1 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, as well as these conditions themselves, shall be governed solely by Dutch law.
16.2 All disputes shall exclusively be brought before the competent court in the Netherlands.